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code that we implement in
creating each of our
clients' ebooks is
independently checked
and verified by the W3C as being fully compliant


Operating Systems

We guarantee that our conversions are 100% compatible with the major operating systems used
by desktop and laptop
computers and mobile


Your eBook retail choices


Deciding upon the ebook format(s) to which your manuscript should be converted is primarily a matter of choosing the online bookstore(s) through which you first wish to offer it for sale.

The main players in online ebook sales are Amazon Kindle Stores, Apple iBookstores, Kobo Books and their retail partners; and leading UK retailers.

Amazon Kindle Stores
If you decide to offer your ebook for sale by only one online seller, there can be little argument that Amazon Kindle Stores should be your choice—not least because of their unmatched popularity, driven by the international success of the Kindle ereader and Fire tablets, and Amazon's attractive payments régime (see Royalties Guide).

Professionally produced ebooks for Kindle ereaders, Kindle Fire tablets and Amazon apps are scripted using HTML5 and CSS code (see Glossary) and must adhere strictly to a structure defined by Amazon to ensure 100% compatibility with any and all of the devices on which they might be read.

There are currently 13 country-specific Kindle Stores, serving the UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands and Spain.

All Kindle Stores offer digital rights management (DRM) protection against unauthorized copying or distribution of your ebooks. The Glossary gives more details about DRM.

Apple iTunes iBookstores
Country-specific Apple iBookstores now serve 51 countries throughout the world, allowing customers to purchase and download epub-format titles to read on their iPads and iPhones.

All ebooks accepted for publication by iBookstores must strictly adhere to the coding and structure specified for epub-format titles specified by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

Any ebook sold by Apple iBookstores can also embody DRM protection.

Google Play Book Store
Not content with being the world's most-used search engine, in 2012 Google launched their own online digital products store. In 2022 they added self-published ebooks to their product range, using the latest human voice sampling and machine language to save authors the conventionally untenable expense of audiobook recording sessions. Visit the audiobooks page for full details.


Kobo Books
Initially an independent Canadian company Kobo Books are now owned by the Japanese Rakuten ecommerce conglomerate. Their self-publish facility, Writing Life, allows authors to have their ebooks listed by Kobo in their online stores internationally, including.

Barnes & Noble

Famous as a traditional city-centre bookseller in America for decades, Barnes & Noble have successfully reinvented their bricks-and-mortar bookstores for the virtual world, with a UK-specific online bookstore.


IngramSpark provide to retailers and wholesalers inter-r-nationally with self-published, print-on-demand paperbacks and hardbacks. Visit the print-on-demand page for full details. British high-street booksellers served by IngramSpark include Blackwells, Foyles and Waterstones. The POD titles they carry can also be ordered by the UK's only trade wholesaler, Gardners Books.

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Our clients' ebooks
can be assigned a unique
ISBN identifier issued by the official licensing
authority. They may also
be registered with the Nielsen BookData database, which serves booksellers and
libraries in more than
100 countries.

Our clients' ebooks
are registered with the BowkerGlobal database,
which serves more
than 100 countries.

Our Kindle and ePub-
format ebook conversions
conform 100% to the official coding protocols specified by Amazon and the International Digital
Publishing Forum

We are a London firm
and all work is produced
in-house. To ensure confidentiality and consistency, we do not outsource coding or
other work to
parties in the UK or overseas.