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We are a Partner Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, which uniquely represents the interests of self-publishing authors and requires best business practices from those who provide them with services.


code that we implement in
creating each of our
clients' ebooks is
independently checked
and verified by the W3C as being fully compliant


Operating Systems

We guarantee that our conversions are 100% compatible with the major operating systems used
by desktop and laptop
computers and mobile

Paperbacks Duke of Kent Colonels Daughter Julias Banjo

Examples of print-on-demand titles we have
produced for clients, who receive the full value of their
royalties direct from Amazon or IngramSpark. Click
any cover to view its Amazon UK listing.

Your print-on-demand paperback
or hardback listed by Amazon and other major retailers from just £295

WITH the establishment of Amazon and IngramSpark print-on-demand centres in the UK, continental Europe and the USA, we can offer authors an affordable way of producing and marketing high-quality paperback and hardback editions of their works.

The days of vanity ‘publishers’ who charge well into four figures to supply a small number of indifferently printed copies are numbered, now that Amazon and IngramSpark make it possible to meet customer orders one copy at a time. You are not required to buy any copies yourself, but can do so at cost if you wish to do so.

Retail and wholesale channels

Depending on your choice of distribution option, your POD paperback or hardback can be listed by the Amazon bookstores serving the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden, and a paperback or hardback edition by the UK and overseas retailers and trade wholesalers served by IngramSpark. They include Blackwell's, Foyles, Gardners Books and Waterstones.

You set the recommended retail price and your royalty will be less the the standard 40% trade discount RRP and the printing cost per copy. Royalties will regularly be credited by Amazon ir IngramSpark to the bank account you specify.

You can choose from a wide variety of standard trade formats or specify your own, and of course benefit from the online and bookshop visual punch of a full-colour front cover, spine and back cover. Full-colour interior content is also available.

No purchasing commitment
You are not required to commit yourself to buying any copies but if you do, Amazon and IngramSpark will charge you at cost price plus shipping at local rates. You would be free to sell those copies on your website and to local booksellers.

We can work from your Word or other electronic text file, a typewritten manuscript or a printed book.

Standard fixed-fee structure
Our standard fee for producing an Amazon POD paperback edition of a work of up to 100,000 words with a full-colour cover is £295.00 inclusive, including an ISBN, typsetting and formatting, a reading proof, a bound paperback proof and/or hardback proof, and uploading all required files and metadata to your personal Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account (which we can register on your behalf).

Our standard fee for producing an IngramSpark paperback or hardback edition of a work of up to 100,000 words with a full-colour cover is £325.00 inclusive, including an ISBN, typsetting and formatting, a reading proof, a bound paperback or hardback proof, and uploading all the required files and metadata to your personal IngramSpark account (which we can also register on your behalf).

Our discounted fees for produciing both an Amazon paperback and an IngramSpark paperback or hardback is £550.00 inclusive, and for producing an Amazon paperback, IngramSpark paperback, Amazon hardback and IngramSpark hardback, £995.00 inclusive.

Additional charges
The fee for a work running to more than 100,000 words will be pro rata to the standard or discounted fees shown above.

An index can be produced for non-fiction works at an additional charge of from £95.00.

Where a title's content includes photographs, illustrations or diagrams, we make an additional of £3.00 per item.

Manuscripts containing a significant amount of foreign language content, technical, scientific or other specialised content will be subject to a supplemental charge, subject to sight of the manuscript.

Please use our inquiry form to provide us with details of the POD edition you would like produced.


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The guide is also available
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Our clients' ebooks
are registered with the BowkerGlobal database,
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Our Kindle and ePub-
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We are a London firm
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other work to
parties in the UK or overseas.